Clip from images

How do you make a clip from images?
Shotcut can do it? or other tool?

From a software (of modeling) I export the images of a camera (tiff format or other); I get images that I want to assemble into a clip by adjusting the FPS and other video parameters.

How to do ?

You can do a slide show with some parameters like transition and time of course. Just import your images to the playlist, select which you want and choose ‘generate slideshow’ from the options bar (three bars in a row on the right side below playlist window). You can additionally use filters and animate the parameters to your liking (cropping, position, rotate, zoom, etc…)

@UbitronicsUK made a good tutorial on how to use the Slideshow tool in Shotcut.

Thanks for your help, but I misunderstood.
I have 3000 images that are exported; each image corresponds to 1/30 of a second (@30fps), the sequence of images is a video and not a slideshow. How to put the images together and get a video?

  • Start a new project set at 30 fps

  • Open the folder where your images are stored.
    Make sure they are in order and properly numbered (name001.jpg … name002.jpg etc… for example)

  • Drag the FIRST image in the Source panel of Shotcut.

  • Open the Properties panel

  • Click Image sequence

  • Export the resulting video clip, or drag it to the Timeline.

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thanks, it works fine. that’s what i’m looking for

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