Clip files are black/ can't be found? When I go on the directory they are there

I really hope you can help me with this and save my project :frowning:

I am using an external harddrive to store the clips which I then import into Shotcut. After working on my project I closed it, then when I reopened it the clips that are stored on the external harddrive are black, no sound. Thumbnails are still there. The clip files which I have stored on my computer, not on the external harddrive, are still there and work fine. I thought maybe I accidentally changed the directory on the external harddrive where the clips are stored but no. When I click on a clip I can go on “show in folder” and it’s right there. So theorettcally Shotcut should recognize the directory. Weirdly, one single file stored on the external harddrive seems to still work in Shotcut. I think I worked on this one in the last session when I used Shotcut.

Could someone help?

Actually just found a workaround and I think the root of the problem. I think it’s because I had opened the project once when the external harddrive wasn’t connected, so for Shotcut the directory was somehow saved as not there. When I click on the clip and go on “measure quality” it reloads the clip. But you have to do it manually for each clip!

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