Clip duration

Sorry to ask for help so soon but changing the clip duration is surely pretty basic. Even a blank colour used to portray text (e.g. a bit of info on the next group of castle clips ) needs to be adjusted to suit how quickly one can read it.
If I try to drag the clip to extend it (as in other editing programs ) I get a transition.
Also, to fit a selection of clips to finish within the length of the music is pretty basic too isn’t it ?

If you turn on Ripple trim and drop CTRL+R, you can extend clips without creating a transition.


The clip to be extended must first be highlighted. Then drag over the red or green bars at the ends, depending which side you want to extend. Turn on ripple trim if clips are adjacent to eachother.
Transition is created when the whole clip is dragged onto another.

thank you ivenivid, sounds good news.

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