Clicking an area on video or audio track doesn't snap the playhead to the cursor's position anymore

Hi Forum-goers, I have an issue with Shotcut where it used to be I was able to click on an area in a video track and the playhead would snap to where I clicked. This was very helpful for editing and saved a bit of time for me. However, just now, I open up Shotcut to edit a new project and now whenever I click on the track, my playhead doesn’t snap to it and instead, I can pan the tracks around in a weird motion of sorts. I have not updated my Shotcut since this issue has occurred and this has never happened to me as well. I have also opened up a previous project where I was able to click anywhere and it seems that this issue is program-wide and not project-wide. Any help on how to fix this potential bug would be appreciated! Video evidence will be shown.

You position the play-head by clicking in the black area above the tracks. Does this answer your query?

I know that, but you can also click the video and the playhead will snap there as well. The issue rabndomly resolved itself today and now it’s doing it again. :confused:

How strange, that has never happened for me! Clicking inside a clip just selects the clip. If I double-click in the clip it does move the play-head, but only to the beginning of the clip. :confused:

If I can replicate what I am talkig about, I’ll gladly show video proof as evidence that I’m not crazy, haha. Expect this reply to be updated.

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