Clickable links in video

Can I use the HTML 5 feature to make clickable links in video? I mean, if you can add a marquee, why not be able to use a href as well?


Because the output is rendered as ‘video’ (series of still images). Not any type of mark-up.

but have seen some videos on YouTube with a clickable element…example… an url-adress

how can it spend ???

They are overlay tiles etc that you can apply after uploading to YouTube. They are not part of the video.

If you are starting out with a brand new channel (as I am) then the option to add what YouTube now calls a "card’ to your videos is not possible. You need to have a website “approved” and thousands of views before any rights to link from a video are granted.

Hence, why I have been looking for a way to embed a link into my own videos that can be posted on youtube.

But, I guess there is now way so will revert to editing videos and adding title over the video, etc.

Thanks for the help on this forum

Even if you could add a map tag in a video editor, YouTube always re encode video, so you would lose them.

Hi, I just googled this and it seems you have to do this from within youtube. Go to your account - the terminology is to add an “annotation”. I have no experience of this though - as hheart says, it your video has to be “approved” first by Youtube. This video looks helpful:

Thanks… how nice to see the problem can be taken care… but in YouTube.

As mentioned in post#4 :wink:

There is a new software program that addresses this very problem called "interactr. just bought it but haven’t yet used. Video tutorials look straight forward and i hope to do one this weekend.