Click the left edge of an clip should move playhead to this point

I’m used to this behavior that I find in all NLVE I used, and I miss it a lot in Shotcut: clicking the left edge of a clip in the time line should IMHO place the playhead (play cursor) at the beginning of this clip.


What do you think about ?

Double-click on a clip in the timeline to move the playhead at the first frame of that clip.


Alt + Left Arrow or Alt + Right Arrow allows to move the playhead quickly between end/start of clips


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Of course I know all that you mention, but the question is not “how to place playhead at the beginning of a clip ?”; the question is “WHY such a classic behavior is not available in this NLVE ?”.

If I needed help I would not tagged my post suggestion, but Help/Howto.

Sorry. I should have known that you are already an expert.
Oh well, if my answer is useless to you, maybe it will help someone else.

What video editors have this behavior? In Premiere Pro and Resolve when you hover the mouse to the edge of a clip it turns the mouse cursor into directional arrows so that when you click on it it will grab the edge for you to lengthen or shorten the clip.

Premiere Pro:


Which is very similar to what happens in Shotcut:

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This could be a part of the behavior when I get around to adding support for trimming to the Scrub while dragging toggle on the timeline toolbar.

Thanks a lot for those examples !
Indeed at the time I was using those softwares I’m pretty sure the behavior was different ! But I didn’t used them for a while (especially Premiere, as I really so not like the UX at all).

So it appears that there are 2 worlds of users. Users that like this behavior, and users like me that would except the cursor to follow the click.

Here are some examples of the “other world”:

Vegas Pro

Reaper (it’s not a video editor but I thinks this is totally comparable)

=> Not a big deal anyway

It doesn’t surprise me that the behavior of this in Vegas Pro is the same as a DAW like Reaper because Vegas Pro’s origin is that it started out as a DAW.