Citrix, TSM, VMWare VDI compatability


My company uses VDI over Citrix. Will Shotcut work in this environment.

Thanks in advance


Shortcut is supported on:

32- or 64-bit Windows 7 - 10, Apple macOS 10.10 - 10.15, or 64-bit Linux with at least glibc 2.19.

Please read the What are the minimum system requirements on shortcut frequently asked questions page.

Yes already checked the minimum system requirements. But it does not mention if it works on a vdi installed with windows. That is why I asked the question.


Depends on the VDI environment. Shotcut requires an audio device and either OpenGL or DirectX support for decent video playback. MESA can work, but it’s slow. If Citrix is virtualizing GPU support, there might be a chance of OpenGL working. Since this is VDI, a blazing connection to the client would of course be necessary. Horizon/Blast would probably work. Citrix, not sure. Theoretically, there is nothing to my knowledge about Shotcut that would explicitly rule out VDI provided the necessary hardware is presented.

The best way to know is to just try it.

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