"Circle-burst" transition tutorial - utilising a filter-set file

Hi folks,
I just made this quick tutorial - how to make what I have called a “Circle-burst” transition. It makes use of a filter set file I made - (but in truth its not really a filter-SET because it only features one filter - a crop rectangle filter which I have keyramed so it goes from 0% to 100% in 9 frames). Even so, it makes the process really easy.
Its made for a 1920 x 1080 video at 30 fps.

Tutorial (no commentary):

Fitter-set file:
JR-Circle-burst-transition-01.zip (533 Bytes)

(NB in the video the filter set is called circle-burst-01; since making the tutorial I re-named it JR-circle-burst-transition-01, for better identification by users).

PS the music to the tutorial is my own composition, sequenced by me in Cubase. If anyone woud like to use it fo their own videos/ tutorials etc, feel free - totally copyright-free, in the spirit of goodwill. If you want the whole track, please shout.

PPS of course, you may change the colours of the bursting circles as you wish, and/or also add more if you’d like by adding more tracks…


First of all: Great transition. I love it.
Now, I hope you won’t be mad at me… but I was wondering if it would be possible to do the same effect on a single clip…
After half an hour or so of struggling, it turns out that it is possible.
Here’s what I got so far. Maybe it still needs a bit of tweaking though (I think).


If you want to try it @jonray here’s my current version

Apply it to the first second (30 frames) of the clip on the right, like in my video.
Circle-Burst.zip (549 Bytes)
Done on a 1920x1080 30fps project.

Another demo, with 3 different sets of colors. Colors are quite easy and quick to change when all filters are on the same clip:


I tried that but failed! WOW, that is brilliant. As it happens your method was very logical. GREAT, BRAVO. This is excellent. Thanks @musicalbox!


@Jonray @MusicalBox Wow! Great! When are you guys going to get some rest? :sleeping_bed::wink:

@Jonray @MusicalBox Ouaouh ! Génial ! Quand est-ce que vous vous reposez, les gars ?

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I make my very modest contribution to your magnificent masterpieces. I simply added a trails filter to modify the effect a bit.
J’apporte ma très modeste contribution à vos superbes chefs-d’oeuvre. J’ai simplement ajouté un filtre trails pour modifier un peu l’effet.

JR_MB1080_30fps_TransCircleBurstTrails_1sec.zip (760 Bytes)


Oh wow, PERFECT! :grin: :clap: :clap:

Very cool. Good find @SergeC
Très cool. Belle trouvaille @SergeC

I suggest that anything that needs to use multiple color clips in addition to fillers is better shared as a project one can copy (multi-selected timeline clips) and paste from. Filter sets are really only for use on a single clip or track and should not need extensive instructions.

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Fair point, @shotcut - an MLT would be more easily shareable in this case. It was fun to do and interesting to see if it works, though…

I like this transition. For this reason, after several sleepless nights :yawning_face::sleeping:, here’s the solution to insert this filters set on the main track, with a standard 1 second transition, Cut: 50%, simply with Mask: Simple Shape and Mask: Apply !
Why didn’t we think of this before?

J’aime cette transition. Pour cette raison, après plusieurs nuits d’insomnie :yawning_face::sleeping:, voici la solution pour insérer ce set de filtres sur la piste avec une transition classique de 1 seconde, Cut : 50%, simplement avec Mask: Simple Shape and Mask: Apply !
Pourquoi n’y avons-nous pas pensé plus tôt ?
JR-MB_1080-30fps_Trans_CircleBurst_1sec_1Track.zip (855 Bytes)

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Ingenious, @SergeC . But you should call the file JR-MB-SC…Thank you! Another great addition to the collection…

Thanks @jonray, but you and @MusicalBox are the creators. I only do the formatting. :smile:

Merci @jonray, mais c’est vous et @MusicalBox les créateurs. Je ne fais que la mise en forme. :smile: