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i made a Cinemativ with my old Dad, working in the wood. Filmed with Canon 1300D, stadnard objective and 50 mm 1,8.
It was a lot of work and sometime it was very hard in shotcut to realize.

Its not perfect and the next video will be improved. But done at least.

Please tell me your oppinion.




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@oluja - Wow, amazing - fantastic use of visual effects producing quite a work of art - and a really touching message at the end, too! I was hooked from beginning to end!!! Full marks for your creativity…:+1::+1:

I can imagine it was!! Thank for posting!! :smiley:

PS I’m intrigued as to how you created the text effect for example ending at 1.05…

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Loved it, especially the voiceover at the beginning and the titles as well as the focus on the action. Well thought out and beautifully executed. I just had to look up the Croatian at the end “Volim te TATA” - “I love you DAD”.

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Thank you very much!

Nice to read that you was hooked from beginning to the end, Thank you very much.

And about the titles. I used another program to create titles. Its impossible to create such titles in shotcut.

Thank you Elusien. And yes, the “voim the TATA” is in my parents language. They are from Croatia, but we live in Austria.

But not forgotten my origin. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your words!

Hi A lot of good work and close ups. I thought it was an ad for Sthil. I would have liked to see the narrator and a few more mid shots. Keep at it it’s not easy to please everyone. Remember to please yourself and keep memories alive. Good 1st try

Thanks for you honest oppinion. Thats because im wrote not perfect but done at least. Have to improve the next video. :slight_smile:
But one question, why do you wanna see the narrator?

Don’t be too hard on yourself now - the video was great! I’d look forward to your next one…

Yes, I wondered that - for me one beauty of the video is that faces are not shown - which adds to the mystery!!

I could replicate the first bit of the text effect in Shtcut using Text:HTML, but yes, making the letters vanish in a puff of smoke would be impossible right now in Shotcut. Do you mind me asking which program you used for the text effects?

Hello jonray,

thanks for your words. This increase my motivation for the next video. :slight_smile:

To answer your question about the titles and program. A friend of mine have powerdirector and powerdirector have a bunch of cool titles. So i go to him, create the titles, exported it ant thats it. :slight_smile:

Regards, Oluja!

I agree with all the positive posts - good choice of a voice-over and of slowing down parts of the video :+1: .
Just the first few seconds of the voice-over were diffcult to comprehend due to the rain. This tip of Austin might help you in the future:

@jonray, the smoke effect is not exactly replicable, but with the text-shadow and/or blur property of CSS, a very similar one can be achieved (

Thanks for this information! It’s a lovely text effect.

Hi @samth, thanks for the link - I hadn’t seen that. Interesting. Will try it when I’ve completed a current project.

How can I control brightness contrast separately track wise. Means In one video track brightness low and in another track such as text track brightness may be high.
When I want to do this all tracks become same brightness features. But I want different brightness in different track separately.
Pls reply.

Filters can be applied to tracks. Select the track header then add filter(s) to it.
The funnel icon indicates that the track is filtered.

A lot of planning must have gone into this to ensure a smooth video editing expereince.

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