Cinematic Video with Title Animation Mask and Colour Grading

Video with Title layers made with Libreoffice Draw, transparency added with Gimp.
Colour Grading by Shotcut.
I believe this shows how Shotcut can be powerful.
Note: I’m not posting here to share my faith but to share how simple things can produce a great effect.


Looks fully professional.

Well done!

Thank you.

Really professional and nice, but the starting title gets away too fast, maybe this seems like that bcz I have turned my audio off. But anyhow, just the title gets my eyes…

But well done…

Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.

I tried much as possible to match transitions with the soundtrack. That’s the reason why the title is so short… In my opinion, a longer title would “mess” with the transition from the frontal view to the top view of the mountain (inverted shot)… The things I could try to improve would be the 1st climber scene and the radiant look of Jesus. I intended to make the 1st climber scene is slow motion but I didn’t like the results when I changed the speed… I need to create a frame interpolation process to obtain a smoother and blurrier result. Jesus radiant effect was done with Gimp with a .png with transparency, placing it on multiple layers of different sizes and opacity with the same rotation. In the future I will intend to use a rotoscope solution like Runway ML’s Green Screen.

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