Chronologicall order in playlist

Hi there,

first I want to apologize for bad school english.

I am working with shotcut for quite some time now and it worked really well.
But now I have to edit a lot of videos into one.
It is similar to the example from this video
As it is in the video it would be great if the playlist is sorted by the date.
So I draged the videos into shotcut like it is in the video but the videos weren’t sorted by date.
So how do I drag them in that they are sorted by date?
I would be happy if somebody could help me.

In windows explorer, sort the list of files by date from oldest to newest. Then, select the newest. Then, hold shift and select the oldest. All the files should be selected now. Then, click and drag the oldest file into the shotcut playlist. They should end up in chronological order.

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It is working now.
You really helped me out.
Thank you

Maybe sorting the playlist after file-created-date/time, file-name etc. should be among the feature suggestions for Shotcut?

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So i was having the same problem and i tried to do the Shift thing but it still didn’t worked to me is just do this as in the image shows:

The Shotcut playlist now has a feature to sort by date:

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