Chromatic aberration filter

(I have been using shotcut for a bit but i’m new to the forums so hello all)

Im aware that a RGB shift filter already exists but that applies RGB shift to the entire video. Chromatic aberration applies a bit of shift just in the corners, like how a cheap lens would do.

In the image above you can see that the centre of the image is clear but it gradually has more shift as it goes outwards to the edges. could this be done?


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+1 on this.

It would be pretty cool for this to be a thing maybe as a vintage filter
also welcome to the forums!

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maybe you can try something with mask

maybe, but that just makes the opacity of the shift change, not the actual size of the shift. good workaround anyways.

Is this the look you going for?
Also added some lens distortion and blur on the edges (visible on the RHS of the train) as many cheap lenses not only introduce CA, but also other optical distortions, especially around the edges.

Yeah thats it, I think it looks really cool

Thanks @scellycraftyt
Could make it even more realistic by applying some motion blur, but SC ain’t got that filter.

Ironically I posted something about that like 5 minutes ago :laughing:

yea thats accurate, although the shift would probably go in a bit further to the centre of the image, but thats pretty much the look im going for.