Chroma Key: Simple & Advanced

Hello !
I am using lte last version of Shotcut. But I get some trouble when using the “color mask” filter (both the simple or the advanced filter) : it does’nt work at all… I made test on several mp4, and it is always the same.The other color filters seem to work properly.

Have you any idea ?
Thanks for your answers.

Both work great for me.

Chroma Key: Simple

Chroma Key: Advanced

Thank for your reply.
I made a mistake while translating (I have the french version) : I was talking about “Chroma key” (simple or advanced).
I try to erase a green background in a mp4 clip. It does’nt work at all…

I edited my post, and changed the title to properly reflect the correct filters.

Thank you.
But, for me, no…

Can you show a screenshot of your timeline?
Even export a frame of the video you want to Chroma Key and post it here.

The video has to be on V2 (or top most visible track), then something on V1 (or lower than what you want to have Chroma Keyed) for Chroma Key to work, as I’ve shown in my post above.

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It works for me too. I am not accepting this as a bug yet, and changing it to Help request.


Please answer @Hudson555x question and read his comment for help.

Hello Hudson555x,
To prepare the screenshots you asked for, I opened the file and applied the “chromakey advanced” filter again. And, for some reason that I don’t know, it worked! … So this subject can be closed. Thank you all.

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