Chroma Key picker not working

Windows 10
Shotcut 24.02.29

As you can see on the sample video, color picker for chroma key (advanced) seems not working.

  • Simple click to select color : does nothing (black selected)
  • Area selecting does neither work

The sample video could make you think that I clicked the black aera in the hair, but I tried many times and it really does not work in the green area.

[Edit] : I just noticed that if I use the color picker then “Pick a color on screen” button, it works (although area selection still does not work)

Any idea ?

This is a known problem when using multiple monitors

Wow, you’re totally right !
After having moved the window of the main monitor (my laptop’s), the selector works perfectly.
OK, that’s a workaround that saves me.
Hope the team will manage to fix it.

Thanks !

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