Chroma-key not working

Look at this video , maybe it helps:

Chroma Key is working fine.





Not a bug. At least with Shotcut 18.11.18 64bit, Windows 10 64bit.
shotcut_2018-12-13_13-41-50 shotcut_2018-12-13_13-42-34
shotcut_2018-12-13_13-43-05 shotcut_2018-12-13_13-42-46

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Fortnite sez 7.mlt (61.1 KB)

Maybe this should give you an ideea of what is happening

i think i have another version

idk for sure

no i got the right version

I solved it , but i how i did it makes no sense , why did this work?

Everything composites with the bottom track, and when it is not working you do not have anything on the bottom track.

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