Chroma key makes bad edges (anti aliasing?)

Hey guys,
I am currently working with a video of a person in front of a greenscreen. I used the chroma key advanced feature to key out the greenscreen.

I’ve put a different background behind that keyed out person but the edges of the person are really pixelated and kinda low resolution. It’s just the edges.

What can I do to smoothen the edges out within shotcut? Is there some sort of anti aliasing filter?

I’m not an expert, but I’ve found something that might help.

  1. Use “Chroma Key: Advanced” Filter
  2. Color space: Hue-Chroma-Intensity (optional probably)
  3. Edge (pick what you prefer, this is the Anti-Aliasing Alternative)

Sorry, but I’m not the best at this sort of thing, I hope this helped

Edit: I might just found it

  1. Go to filters
  2. Press the “+” Button
  3. Aplha Channel: Adjust
  4. Mode: Shave
  5. Have fun <3
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