Chroma Key issues on v18.09

Since updating SHotcut on 14th September, I am having issues with the chroma simple filter.
I had it spot on before using 45% but now my beard has gone and nothing corrects it!

I reproduced this bug and fixed it for the next version 18.10 due in October.

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Considering you do videos about beard products @zecrichardson that’s a pretty major problem!

I use chroma-key a lot so I’ve installed 18.08 again aswell - I can use the older version just for the chroma bits now until 18.10.

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Yep it is a bit of an issue lol
I have also installed a previous build and that is okay.
I sat there for ages trying to figure out what was wrong, normally 45% on Chroma Simple does the trick for me, I know I should be further away from the green screen but I am so limited on room.
It is the first problem I have encountered, Shotcut is an amazing bit of kit.

Thank you @shotcut

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It was actually your mention of Shotcut on Twitter (My OH follows you) that put me on to it in the first place.

FYI, this bug also affects the White Balance filter.

I released build 18.09.16 that contains the fix for this major regression on the web site, github, and fosshub.


That;s fantastic. I’ll be doing quite a bit of chroma key work this week, so you’ve just made my life much easier!

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So the latest version is now okay for the Chroma???

It looks good now Zec. I loaded a file I did last week that used the advanced chroma filter throughout and it looked perfect on the preview. I haven’t exported it 'cos it’s a big file, but it looks like it’s back to normal.
BTW I have the same issue with doing chroma work to camera in that I can’t get sufficient distance from the backdrop in my limited space. I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but the “keyspill” filter can be quite handy for tightening that up.

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Thank you for releasing a bug fix so quickly. Very much appreciated.
Great software.

No I haven’t tried the ‘Keyspill’ I will give that a bash next time.
I am really sat with my back almost on it, we are talking about 12" which is way too close but it works okay.
I just use a simple brick background in the videos!

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Yeah it’s about the same distance here. Bright lights, dark clothes, don’t crop my hair too short (grade 1 instead of grade 0) and keyspill seems to work best for me. I didn’t realise you were back on youtube actually. Last I heard was when you had a bit of kerfuffle, so I’m glad to see you got it sorted out :slight_smile:

It was all very confusing.
I had a message asking me to remove a video and when I clicked it said I had been banned.
I had no explanation and after continuous probing they said I had breached their policies and was banned from ever having a youtube channel again.
I wasn’t happy, it is a hobby as I am housebound but it seemed hopeless.
Then I had a message from someone saying it was good to see me back and I checked and I was after about 2 months.
Apparently it was because of a review of CBD oil that I use, which is legal as it contains no THC but I took no chances and removed all videos about CBD.
Apparently YouTube are clamping down and also removing channels about Vaping!

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Well too right they relented! You might have explained one thing though. I’ve been on vaping forums for a few years and there’s been a few stories recently about vape reviewers channels disappearing. The assumption has been that it’s “vape drama” but maybe it’s YouTube?

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