Chroma Key has no Effect?

I am not able to get the Chroma Key Filter working anymore.
I use the Alpha Channel: View Filter to see the Alpha Channel, but nothing is applied.
Two tracks are there. V2 Compositing is enabled.

I attach 2 screenshots and the files I used. (610.8 KB)

Using ShotCut 18.08.14 on OSX 10.13.6, Mac Mini

There appears to be two things going on:

  1. You actually appear to have compositing disabled on V2 (I know, the icon state and tooltip are a little confusing).
  2. For whatever reason, the test bars (generated via File > Open Other > Generator > Color Bars) don’t enjoy being used here (getting artifacts a lot, and not the test bars). Replace them with an image or video, and you should see it working okay.

Thanks a lot for your quick help and solution!
Yes I got confused by the compositing mode button, it is slightly counterintuitive
but it works now.

All the track buttons reflect the current state. When compositing is enabled, the icon is supposed to look like the layers are flattened or merged, which they are not really either. In any case, I plan to move this toggle into Properties for the track as a checkbox with no icon because it is advanced and not frequently needed. I will also add a keyboard shortcut for those who do need it frequently.

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