Chroma key cheat

Im very new to shotcut and the forums… I have a clip with shadow/color variation on the green screen backdrop. I’m trying to chroma key out a shade of green, export the clip, reopen and chroma key out a different shade of green until it is all uniform, but when I reopen the clip, the filters have not been merged with the video. Is there an easier way to fix this non uniform background?

If you want your green screen / chroma key to be preserved across projects and software, you’ll probably want to choose a video format that supports an alpha channel.

It also seems that instead of multiple exports and filter runs, you could use multiple stacked filters to get rid of the green background, or fiddle with the parameters in a single filter. You can stack as many filters on a video source or track as you want to get the desired result.

When I’m working with green screen settings in OBS Studio, I often stack multiple chromakey filters on my camera source to get it to be cleaner. You can also create a LUT that pumps the saturation of the greens and apply that filter before your chromakey filter so it is easier to key out. Sometimes green screens show up as pretty dull in footage if you don’t have them lit properly. Lighting properly will save a lot of grief. Avoiding uneven screen lighting can save massive time. You don’t want hotspots from your lights or shadows where the lights don’t cast well. And no wrinkles on your screen! Pull it tight with clips, ropes, poles, whatever you have access to.

Thank you. Ill give that a try :pray:

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