Chroma key and RS filter .. does not work together?


I guess I am still stuck with the concept of chroma key.
I have a video clip with green background.

The V2 clip needed to be rotated upright … which I use RS filter.
However when I apply a simple chroma key = green to it, I have part of the video still black …
How do I solve this problem ? I tried using simple mask but still can’t resolve this as the simple mask I think uses “black” or something.

Here’s my MLT setup

Move the RS filter below the Chroma Key filter in the filter stack.

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I guess that’s the solution. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sauron … silly me. Appreciate the prompt respond … tried and works wonder !!
Now a small problem as my green background is not all perfect with some fold/shade here and there … hmm how am I going to patch up. To redo take all my video clips again ? :frowning:
Oh is a Saturday !!! …
Have a great weekend both @sauron and @DvS

You’re welcome.
I have created a tutorial sequence for the greenscreening and refining. It is in german, but pictures say more. maybe this will help you:

Hi DvS,

Thanks … I am not sure your video address the “… some fold/shade here and there”. Perhaps if you u can look at my video clip … not perfect as my first test run on “Green background” effects. Any suggestion or sharing of technique or trick will be appreciated. Trying to make my videos more interesting going forward. Thanks again.

You can try to fix the bad spots using Mask Simple Shape, using subtract.



Wow @sauron … thanks a lot for this technique using simple mask with Subtract.
Never understood this mask concept until recently … a little bit more when I’d try out the “text color” effect with “Add” or “Overwrite”. Now I learn “Subtract” !

One smaller problems … and tips how to mask out correctly those green patches more precisely.
I notice some how you did a perfect job on the green patch on the right side of the cow face. How did you do it? There is no drag and drop option to move it around with this simple mask filter.
I suppose a difference between a novice me, and pro like you … !

Before Mask

After Mask

It’s a bit tricky to get the mask right. I used an ellipse and positioned it using the Horizontal, Vertical, Width, Height and Rotation controls. Then added a rectangle to remove what was left.



OK, my instructions at the end also focused on how to remove the outer green border and artifacts.

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