Chroma Key Advanced filter and stuttering video on play

I’ve just completed a draft of my first major project on Shotcut – steep learning curve. Have shown the result to a few people and am now setting about editing. But I cannot. A number of my main tracks are stuttering so much that I cannot edit at all. The only thing that has changed is an update of firmware on my Dell Inspiron laptop. Not sure what this consisted of, just regular updates.

The MLT files are just as they were, but no longer editable. I have found that the only things that stops the stuttering is to switch off the Chroma Key Advanced filter on the MP4 clip but my project relies on this – and it worked OK before. Oh and disabling video on the track containing the MP4 also stops the problem (and stops me editing).

Reading through some interchanges on this there is a recommendation to convert the original files to ‘edit friendly’ and I did try that originally but it produced another problem where the voice and video became out of sync. Besides that I have already editted my MP4 clips significantly. I would have to start from scratch on a 45min composite video.

My Shotcut version 20.09.27 and I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 under Windows 10.

Please help someone. I was so close to releasing my video.

Have you tried using Preview Scaling?

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Firmware? Do you mean you installed Windows updates? Shotcut performance can be impacted by other processes running on the system. Sometimes people find that the performance returns to normal after an antivirus scan completes or after a windows update completes. Sometimes a reboot restores the performance. Can you investigate if any of those kinds of things might be going on?

I would suggest to reboot twice and then check the task manager for CPU or hard drive utilization before opening shotcut.

Just to say thanks so much for your help. Though not completely cured I’m on the road again.

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