Chroma Key Adjustment

I’ve played around with chroma key quite a bit on Shotcut, and I can never get it to work well. I have used images/videos with poor green screening and images/videos with good green screening and there is always some problem with the outcome. I’ve tried adjusting the distance, I’ve used the “advanced” and “simple” chroma key options, I’ve messed with alpha channeling, and practically everything to little avail. I just feel like chroma key could use some adjustments as to how it operates.

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Might want to post a screenshot for people to try out. Lighting a green screen properly is key I would say, for a short answer, but I know it doesn’t fix the current issue you’re having now with the video you already have.

Here are some examples I’ve posted on another thread.

We have no plans to improve upon the current chroma key filters. Some tools offer a “holdout matte” to help with chroma keying. Basically, it lets you draw a region of the video image where you can say “do not chroma key here.” The opposite is a garbage matte where you can say “key this out as well.” Shotcut does not yet have that tool, but you can use video filter Mask: Simple Shape for simple holdout mattes and possibly multiple of them to make a more complicated shape. Add this filter after the Chroma Key and set is Operation to Add.

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Good to know, thanks for the tip!