Choppy video after exporting

Hi guys! I’m running into a problem with my exported drone videos. See: the workflow to edit my videos involves splitting them first to get usable individual clips, which I export and store to use them later in more elaborated videos. So, when I extract those clips I want them to have the same quality as the original videos, just shorter.
The original videos run smoothly on every video player that I have tried, but the exported videos don’t. I already tried the solution given in other shotcut topic (I can’t copy it here since the forum doesn’t allow me to place more than two links in this topic).
Specifically, I have tried the next solutions:

  1. Make video mode and export specifications match the ones of the original one (like resolution or FPS).
  2. Convert to edit-friendly.
  3. No parallel processing.
    As the only thing I do to get the clips is split the video, there are no filters applied, no music or sound, no different source videos in the same project or any other alteration to the original video. This problem happened to me in my older computer, but it persists also in my new one.

You can see the exported video in the next link:
I’m not uploading the original video because it is quite long and, of course, just splitting it will result in the problem that I am showing here, but I can tell you that it is completely smooth.

Somebody was having the same issue using Adobe Premier Pro, this is how he solved it:

Any ideas about how to solve this in Shotcut? Thank you guys!

Your video has a very strange frame rate that is surely related:
avg_frame_rate = 205620000 / 6874573 ~= 29.91

This suggests your drone shoots in variable frame rate. Ugh. The Convert dialog has a frame rate override I suggest you choose 29.970030 that corresponds to the NTSC standard frame rate 30000 / 1001.

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Wow that is certainly something I didn’t have in sight. I’m giving it a try using motion compensation as the frame rate conversion method (duplicate and blend didn’t give me good results). It is running and seems it will take a while, so I will give you an update once it is done. Thank you so much man!

Have you tryed the Extract sub-clip feature? I think it does exactly this but also at the exact original quality and video mode and codecs don’t matter as you’re not exporting the file, you’re just “cutting” from the original source.
Make a cut, then with it selected get to the properties panel, 3 lines(hamburger?) menu and Extract sub-clip.

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It worked! Motion compensation really is the frame rate conversion method that gives the best results, but it takes a long time to run. Thinking seriously about buying a new drone now lol

No, I had not tried it before, but it looks much more efficient than my split-then-export method. Definitely using this feature from now. Thank you so much for the info!

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