Choppy during playback with several filters

Is it possible to do something to make project playback without jamming? When filters are added, even 1-2, one video track, one sound track during the preview cuts the image very hard. 12GB RAM does not help. Is there any way for the preview of the project to be smooth?

Can not do anything about it? I have movies that I’ve done on an earlier version of Shotcut and I’ve cut very little with the preview before, and now all the time the same design plays on both the image and the sound.

Perhaps re-write what you need help with. More clarity with actual facts/specifications.

I understand, but it’s about the whole, just a few versions ago the preview of the movie with several effects on the timeline worked smoothly, and for several months works worse and worse, the same project that I made a year ago and was able to watch while running smoothly, and now the same project with no changes all the time cuts. So it’s not about the equipment, because the equipment is the same, and the program, which in one version changed something with the preview of the edited material and started so. I do not remember what version it is exactly but for at least a few months this problem is occurring, even in the latest version the image is cut very much during the time line (movie, soundtrack, soundtrack effect) in FullHD resolution. Image and sound does not play smoothly, prunes, of course after export to file everything plays correctly, but the export takes an hour so each time you want to check the project to export it to a file is not a solution. I even cleared the data folder and registry, unfortunately it did not help.

Maybe you changed Settings > Realtime. Maybe you used GPU Effects before, but that was experimental, never supported, and now hidden. There was a very minor performance loss to improve the color accuracy as of v18.12, but I doubt that is what you are seeing. No, there is no way to turn that off; it is considered a bug fix. You can search the forum for “choppy” to get more information on this frequently asked question.

I cleaned the settings to the factory so everyone is the same. When I turn off realtime it cuts even more. I did not use the GPU, I only checked in earlier versions but I turned off this option. But to be sure whether it is possible to check whether in a given GPU project is enabled or disabled? It’s about editing, not exporting.

I will add that even the same movie without added effects also jams during the preview.

I noticed that the Shotcut process uses 90-99% of the processor at the same time, and that’s when it cuts, the playback is not smooth, maybe you need to look for a reason somewhere here? I have an Intel i5 processor, 4 cores, 4 threads. During this time, nVidia GPU is used up to 50%.

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