Choppy audio/video on linux

hi guys, marco from rome, italy here, messing around with video editing.

i’m running 18.01.02 on fedora27 64, 2x xeon e5410, 24gb ram, nvidia gtx650ti, it’s a kinda trashware pc on a budget of course not looking for 4k performance.

but i’m expecting at least easy handling with basic 1080 projects, or am i wrong? working with 2x 1920x1080 mp4 for less than 10min total, a png watermark, 3x png files as head/tail and a couple of fade in/out and crossfades, nothing more, and all i got is audio/video choppy playback while editing.

everything ok with the exported mp4, maybe a different file format should fit better? i even converted the original .mov files to .mp4 for scaling size and weight before editing, but i’m unhappy with this choppy feeling, and i can’t realize if there’s something wrong somewhere i can fix or it’s only a matter of too aged machine :wink:

any tip appreciated, thanks guys

Not unusual for playback while editing to be choppy.
Shotcut has no proxy edit feature so we deal with it.
Alternatively try Davinci Resolve which does have proxy editing (aka: Optimize Media)

If you have more HD speed than CPU power, you might try converting your clips to an intermediate format before editing. MP4 is basically the worst container for editing performance due to sseking complexity. I have used DNxHD successfully. I think ffv1 would also be a good choice.

On my system, editing is smooth until I add too many filters. When this happens, sometimes I disable the filters until I am done editing and then re-enable them before exporting. Some filters use more/less processing than others. So you might find that just one or two filters can bog things down.

thanks all, i’ll try with the intermediate format conversion.

this will not be the fastest way, but i know reducing time = raising the budget, and unfortunately this is not a valid option to me at this time

EDIT: i can edit soooo much smoother on laptop, Shotcut 17.12.03 on debian9, i5 520m, what a surprise even with only 4gb ram!!! i guess the old xeon is definitely too old…