Choppy Android video frame rate

I have recorded HD 1080p video with my Android phone, that uses a variable frame rate.

I have then used HANDBRAKE to convert the video into a constant 60 fps frame rate some videos as H.264 and some as MPEG-4.

Then I have imported these videos into Shotcut and all of them still seem quite choppy when played inside Shotcut.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can make the videos appear smooth as they are when I play them on my phone?


Brgds Christian

Preview in the app is not hardware accelerated or optimal. That’s just the way it is, take or leave it. Make a test export and play it player to verify for yourself that the output is fine.

If you want them smoother when playing in what I call the “preview window” you can try clearing the option “Realtime (frame dropping)” in settings. It should be smoother since no frames are dropped, but it will not play in real-time.

As Dan pointed out, the exported video will be smooth, since Shotcut has all the time in the world to render it.

Yes. Just did that, and it works fine.

I did clips with and without having gone through Handbrake, and they are both smooth. So I guess Handbrake is not needed. Also, I found out its my PC that doesnt have the power to play the preview smoothly. Thanks for the reply.


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