Choices Of Exporting Video

I have a movie I made and just finalized it. I have saved (exported) it before to a backup hard drive…I saved it UT Video - lossless cut with a resolution of 640 x 480 binear and an aspect ratio of 16:9. I like the video to fill the screen, so I believe that’s the best aspect ratio.

There are so many other choices (when it comes to exporting video) and I want to make sure what I picked was the best choice for exporting video to backup hard drive. The last time I viewed my movie, everything looked great from watching my movie from saving it on the backup the hard drive. I eventually want to also export my movie to DVD…how is the best way to do that and of all the choices to export video, did I use the best pick? When I opened my movie to watch from the hard drive, there was only one program I have that I could open it with…the other programs could not open it…including Real Player…why? Do I have to export video under a different code?

Thank you

John Paul

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