Changing White Video Background to Chroma Key Green


I need to take the white background of a video and change it to chromakey green, so it can be exported with the chroma green background.

This can be accomplished with another editing program (Camtasia); I’ve seen a demonstration of it done by:

  • using the “Remove Color” visual affect/filter
  • using the “Adjust Color” visual affect/filter

In the demonstration they simply added an image with the chromakey green to the video track and then proceeded to adjust the colors in the different filters to the point that the chromakey green image could would belend through as the background color for the video.

This is what I would like to accomplish with Shotcut.

What filters in Shotcut have that specific/similar functionality?


Thanks Steve.

That information helped me.

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It would depend on what is actually in the scene. It there is say a person in the screen, or something else that is white which you do not want to change to chromakey, then that may not work.

Some one asked a similar question here. Changing a white screen video to green screen

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Hey Mr. Woo!

First, bought your Shotcut training course a few months back, thanks for creating it! :wink:

Second, yes… I accepted that the “success” of changing the video background depends on various factors (i.e. coloring of the main object, etc)…