Changing video speed in Properties

When I change the speed in properties (either faster or slower) the video becomes choppy. Anyone else have this issue?

When you change the speed slower, and your source frame rate is not higher than your project, of course it is going to look choppy. It is not using optical flow or AI to interpolate frames. If you increase the speed, it may look choppy if there is motion because frames are being dropped; so the motion jumps from one position to suddenly a very different position. It does not do any motion blurring. It can also look choppy in preview when sped-up because the file’s format/encoding does not seek quickly and since it has to drop so many frames it may take longer than normal to seek to it. Combine that with frame-dropping to try to make realtime preview, and it may drop video frames. You need to export it and view the result before making a judgement. You can also use Properties > Convert to convert the clip to a more edit-friendly (fast-seeking) format.

Thanks. I don’t see where under Properties to hit Convert.

Really? Maybe you are using a really old version. Did you look in the menu button at the bottom of Properties well? Did you click the clip to select?

I see it now. Thanks.

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