Changing video mode - what (bad) effect might happen?

Hi all,

i am working on a larger project which will finally be in FullHD quality but i had some preworks which i did in higher resolution to have room for improvements when scaling down, e.g. some google earth footage which will always look more detailed when sized down and sharpened a bit. I have also some image sequences included in higher res. which will be scaled down finally.

Now i started the final project running on the original settings and video mode (2560 x 1440) and recognized i was in the higher res. mode. So i changed the video mode to HD (1920 x 1080). I didn’t do much which is sizing relevant so far, no size relevant filters, text or any other size relevant filtering, apart from little contrast and sharpening perhaps.
Will it be critical to further run on this project with changed video mode or shall i better start the project from scratch with the correct video mode straight away?

I am always a little confused what side effects changing the video mode might have on later adjustments. I will probably use filters like zooming in and out, text and so on…

thanks for your advice!

The usual side effects are potential gaps at cut points when changing the frame rate, and filter positioning issues when changing the resolution. Any speed-related filters may also have issues if changing frame rate.

Sounds like you would be okay to continue with the current project. But if restarting is an option, that’s always the safest way.

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Thanks, Austin!
Did some test exports that look all fine so far. Also working with size&position now and everything seems o.k. I didn’t change framerate or colour settings, only the initial size in video mode.
One thing i recognized but is probably not affected by the change in video mode:
I copied a filter (size&position) from a selected image after using “add selected images to slideshow” to add it to another image which i have inserted manually before. This method does not seem to work - the filter is there but the zoom effect does not happen. Not sure what causes the problem here? When i add a size&position filter manually to this image it does work o.k.

Just wanted to give some final feedback on that topic! I’ve composed a quite epic movie which finally was nearly 100 min. in length and came out in HD resolution with 55% quality setting as nearly 10 GB file. Everything related to size worked fine in the whole project - no problems so far. I had to deal with some descent delays in response time as the project grew bigger - but i will probably come to this topic in another thread on SC experience with bigger projects.

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