Changing video height

Does anyone have any idea how to lower the height of my video so I can make it a bit lower and add a Title same as picture below shows ?
Have tried with “Size and Position” but when I change size it moves in the left and right too, so I need only Up and Down space, is that possible with Shotcut?

It sounds like you want to use the Crop filter. Move the “Top” and “Bottom” sliders until you get the result that you want.

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If you wanted the entire size of the resultant video to be shorter, set both your Video Mode and Export Settings to the desired resolution/aspect ratio.

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I tried with crop and yeah it worked but somehow the top and bottom video are cut so do you know how to not crop the top or bottom clip so it will be full video but with height resized or this is the only way to lower the height by just cropping?

If you want to change the entire video height, as I said, you’ll need to figure out the resolution that you want the finished video to be. The aspect ratio on the last image you posted looks to be around 5:2, so if you wanted the width to be, say, 1080, the height would be 432.

Using those numbers, Add a “Custom” Video Mode of 1080x432 with a 5:2 aspect ratio. Then make sure that your Export Settings match.

Note that with this method you do not want to use the Crop filter, as the Video Mode will do it for you; you will possibly need to use the Size and Position filter if things aren’t looking quite right.

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thanks i will try to see if it worked

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