Changing the video format to 1080x1080

Hello! Just a quick question. I am trying to make a youtube short, and I made the video like I usually do. However, I realized later on after I finished editing that I need to make the video format the exact same. I looked up some videos on it, and it said the best one was 1080x1080. I really don’t want to edit the whole video again, so I was hoping that there is a feature that I am unaware of where you can change the format even after you set it at the beginning. If there is one, please let me know :slight_smile:

Here’s what I believe would be the easiest method in this particular case:

  • Export the video from your original project. I’ll assume it’s dimensions are 1920 x 1080.
  • Start a new Shotcut project
  • Go to Settings > Video Mode > Non-Broadcast
  • Choose Square 1080p 30 fps or Square 1080p 60 fps
  • Import the video file you exported earlier. You can move it to the timeline, but it’s not absolutely necessary.
  • At this point, your video will have black bars on the top and on the bottom. If you’re OK with this, you’re done. Export the video and upload it to YouTube.

If you want to remove the black bars:

  • Add a Size, Position & Rotate filter.
  • Increase the Zoom value until the black bars are gone. Of course, by doing this you will loose parts of the video on each side.
  • If needed, move the video left or right, so the subject is in the center of the screen
  • Export and upload to YouTube.

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Rather than the “Size, Position and Rotate” filter, I’d use the “Crop: Source” filter and set the Left and Right parameters accordingly. It is less of a CPU hog.

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I have similar conditions right now:
So far I had cut 200 badminton exercises only for Youtube.
The streams are in 1920 + 1080 px.

Since 1 week I also use Instagram, which prefers portrait (1080 x 1920, 1080 x 1350) mode or square (1080 x 1080) for smartphones.

I now have to rescale all 200 streams.
Cropping the finished video is impractical because the source video was also already cropped. Areas for portrait mode are therefore already missing.

I changed the first streams for Instagram as follows:

New project created in Square or Portrait.
Copied the clips from the youtube widescreen project into this new Instagram project and rescaled them.

You’re right!
I exported the same video twice.
The first one, using Crop: Source, took 00:24 to export
The second one, using SP&R took 01.19 to export.

Same visual effect in the end, but the second export was more than 3 times slower.
I’ll have to think of using the Crop: Source filter more often :wink:
Thanks @Elusien.

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