Changing the resolution value in filters ( .txt )

Hello everyone

There is a filter file. It is set to 1920x1080p.

I want to change it to 1366x768. Which parameters should I change?

so the problem is that it just doesn’t fit on the screen. i want to fix this

Thanks in advance for the help friend.

object (x,y - WxH) (project old_width x old_height)

x_fraction = x / old_width
y_fraction = y / old_height
w_fraction = W / old_width
h_fraction = H/ old_height

(project : new_width x new_height)

x_new = x_fraction * new_height
y_new = y_fraction * new_width
w_new = w_fraction * new_width
h_new = h_fraction * new_height

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Can you post a screenshot, the 2 resolutions have very similar aspect ratios so you’d barely have some small black bars.

1920 / 1080 = 1.777777777777778
1366 / 768 = 1.778645833333333

screenshots like this. My filters are fine at 1080p.


When I want to add it to a 1366x746 clip it doesn’t show up.

These values ​​do not exist in the .txt file. what exactly are these?

*.mlt in the file

<profile description="automatic" width="1366" height="746"

this is how i changed it.

<profile description="automatic" width="1920" height="1080"

The effect is visible now. I guess it did. :wink:

It is calculation how to turn position (x,y) and size (width, height) from one project size (old_width, old_height) to another project size (new_widht, new_height)
fx. if you copy a SPR filter and paste the content to a .txt file, it will contain (UHD 2160p)

<property name="transition.rect">996.985 560.804 1948.94 1096.28 1</property>

they represent X Y WIDTH HEIGHT

If you what the same part of screen affected on other project dimensions, you have to do the calculation on these numbers


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