Changing the focus of clip from stationary to follow

Using filters like crop:rectangle and size, position & rotate it’s possible to take a clip of a long stationary shot and transform it to focus on, and follow particular action (as shown in the clips attached. I had hoped to be able to set a cropped area and then move parts of the clip into the "window.’ However, I often find that changing the size and placement of portions of the clip also affect the keyframe sttings of the cropping which must be redone. Therefore I’m constantly (sometimes every second) switching back and forth between cropping and sizing/placing creating new keyframes.

Is there a more efficient method for doing this that cuts down on the need for adjustments?


It is also possible to do this with only the SPR filter. My advice would be to use the SPR filter to both crop and create the focus effect you describe.

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Thanks for the response Brian - yes, sometimes you can just crop by expanding/enlarging the section of the frame that you’re interested in (as in my example). But sometimes in order to isolate certain portions it becomes necessary to reduce the form factor - enlarging might impact the quality of the image or cut off needed detail.These are the times where there’s the most difficulty in getting the image right.


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