Changing text font

I decided to change the font on some of my video clips. Some of the clips will not allow me to change the font. I selected the filter text but then when I click on font and select a different one nothing happens. What should I do?

What version number of Shotcut are you using (see Help > About Shotcut)?

18.05.08. I want to upgrade but when I do I get so many pop ups and questions telling me to download that I abort the mission

Your version is 4 years old. You really, really should update. There’s updates almost monthly. Just click on top of this page where it says Download and click on either the Fosshub or Github links. They are safe.

Thank you for that. I was clicking the box to the right but when I clicked Microsoft install as you said, it worked fine.
My problem, after the new version is a similar issue. I added simple text to my clips but when I come back, the text isn’t there. I can see in the filter box what I typed but it’s not on the clips(?)

Position your playhead at a point in the clip where the text should appear. Highlight the Text:Simple filter so the parameters are shown. Take a screen shot of the whole Shotcut window and post it in a reply to here. then we may be able to understand what the problem is.

Your screenshot does not show the selected clip in the timeline (it will have a red outline), and the playhead is not over the clip that is selected. Selection and playhead position are very important. The Filters panel shows the filters for the selected clip regardless of playhead position. The video preview reflects the playhead position. These are basic concepts that you must learn well. One thing that can help a lot is to double-click a clip to select it. This is not necessary, but in addition to selecting the clip it moves the playhead to the beginning of the selected clip.

That screenshot is much better thanks. The only thing I can think of that is the problem is that you made the text transparent when changing its color. You can click the Font color button and take a picture of the color dialog.

It might also have a problem with your font selection. Devangari is a special font for non-English languages, and you are writing in English.

Yes, English. I redid the whole lyric video because of the text issue.
I originally used V1 for the verses, V2 for the hooks. I combined everything on one track when finished. The WHOLE video played. Then 1/2 played and other didn’t. I double clicked on the first clip of the beginning,all those played, then midway nothing. . I double clicked on middle clip and text showed from that point to end but not the begining. I’m going to change the font on ALL clips to c if it makes a difference. Thank u so much for responding

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