Changing text box font size

I am doing an instructional video and I simply want to add a text box with instructions.

I click open other - text -

another box appears with the word “text” in a blue margin where I can copy and paste text.

I then click “o.k.” and another page appears with a black box with the text I copied and pasted.

The text is tiny I can hardly see it.

I have spent numerous hours trying to simply change the font size in the box.

what am I doing wrong?

Hi @tim1 - not too sure what you are doing wrong, but would this help?

If you write a long sentence in the text box, Shotcut will display it without line breaks. So, in one single line. And whatever the font size you choose, that line of text will automatically be resized to fit the width of the screen.
You need to manually insert line breaks in your text.

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I was able to add many text boxes today with the information posted last night.

I do have one question about the two size boxes.

Default is 1920 x 270.

I been entering 720 in the last box which changes it to 1920 x 1280.

That seems to work provided your text is short.

is this how it supposed to be done?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question.
That seems to work doing what?

I can’t quite understand what you are asking. Post a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window so we can actually see what you are trying to describe.

hi, I can’t post a screenshot…I’m almost finished my first video…I managed to copy and paste text into the text box and drag into the time line…I’m happy with what I have learned so far,

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