Changing speed makes unwanted crops, please fix

In the past I have tried to create edits of gameplay, however I have ran into a problem while doing so. One of the most important parts of my editing style is matching the gameplay to the music in the background, to do this I have to split the videos into small sections and then I change the speed of each section, however when I make changes to the speed of each section, it crops the videos around it (1*because of a ripple effect in video editing).

Please add an option to disable this ripple effect because it makes it harder to edit clips, thank you for reading. I would increase my rating out of ten by 1 if this was fixed :slight_smile:

1* The ripple effect is basically where you add a 10-second clip at the beginning of the video, all the other clips moves to the right by 10 seconds, this is the same from cropping (the clips will move to the left and crop off). It’s kind of hard to explain if you haven’t tried it.

Actually, currently it does NOT ripple even when ripple mode is turned on. You later describe ripple correctly, which is confusing. I think you are asking for it to be sensitive to the ripple mode, which is already requested and sensible.

No, it does not. I suspect there is a part of your workflow to perform speed changes that requires moving or trimming to make or remove space. In that case behavior depends on the state of the following buttons on the Timeline toolbar:

The button on the right toggles whether to ripple other tracks. From your description, it sounds as if that is turned on. However, speed change alone does not currently ripple the clip’s current track or other tracks:

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