Changing Size of "Mask: From File"

Hello, everyone!

Is it possible to change, and animate, the size of a Mask imported from a file with “Mask: from file” without changing the screen size? I’ve tried to combine both “Mask: from file” and “size, position and rotate”, but the second filter is applied to the whole screen and not just the mask. Is there a way to do that? Thank you all in advance

With your video on track V1, create a Transparent clip (Open Other->Color->Transparent)on V2 and apply the 2 filters to that clip instead of the video on V1.

tried that and it didn’t work

I don’t understand then. I tried it before I posted my answer and it worked for me.

can you send a screenshot of your solution?

What effect are trying to make ?

you used a black background, not transparent.
that way i have a black image of my mask but it is not working as a mask

my idea is to animate a logo on a “0% saturation” screen but the mask would show the normal colours

V1 is color bars.
V2 is transparent clip.
I applied Mask: from file to V2.
I applied Size, Position & rotate to V2, changing size and rotation.

are you sure it’s a transparent clip? it is writen #FF0000. that would be black, not transparent

my intention is to do this but animating the mask without changing the any of the images sizes

The color clip is definitely transparent. I added a 3rd filter “opacity” to V2 and the result, which I believe is what you want, is below:

Je pense qu’il veut décolorer une image comme je viens de le faire avec Mask: simple shape mais il veut utiliser à la place Mask: from file.

I think he wants to fade an image like I just did with Mask: simple shape but he wants to use Mask: from file instead.

Something like this ?

The trick is that a mask dont need to be an image, it can be a video in Black and White

  1. use shotcut to make the moving mask video, white object on black background and export it ot a quicktime animation (.mov)
  2. use the exported .mov as a mask in your projekt like this.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. unfortunately that solution is not feasable as my video is edited for a daily video and the length for that effect for each video would vary. Creating a .mov video everyday just for that seems too much energy that could be used elsewhere.
If we could have the same tools of Mask simple shape in Mask: from file, i could use keyframes and my life would be a dream.
thank you @TimLau for the solution
and thank you @Elusien and @Namna for your contribution to solving my problem

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