Changing qmelt.exe priority

Using Shotcut on Windows 10 x64. I searched the forums and see planned behavior is for qmelt.exe to run at Low priority. At least on my computer with V18.x, that’s true.

I am usually doing other things while shotcut is encoding and elapsed times are way too long. I’ve been using Windows Task Manager to bump the qmelt.exe priority to “Below Normal”. It’s resulted in acceptable encode times without impacting anything else I’m working on in a significant way.

But changing the priority with the Task Manager only affects that launch of qmelt. If you have other encodes queued or a new session of SC, qmelt will run again at Low priority. Is there any way to assign a different Windows priority for future launches of qmelt?

Change the source code and recompile is the only way. I will do this for the next version 19.09.

… to make the qmelt priority selectable in the options? (e.g. Handbrake is a good working example.)

No, it is changed to Below Normal because previous (Idle) is tool low. I am not going to litter it with options.

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