Changing images

Hello everybody! I’m very new to the Shotcut, though I don’t know many things and terms. But I thing this is a great tool! So, I have a question: how can I replace an image?

The case: I have a video on which I want to add some text, labels (as images, because I didn’t found any easier way). I use filters for positioning and nice appearing/disappearing. To do everything faster, I’d like to copy already added and tuned labels (i.e images) with simple changing of frames location and images.

Now I can easily change frame location or duration of a copied image, but I cannot change the picture itself: it’s file name in properties panel isn’t editable, and if I try to move new picture from the “Playlist” panel onto copied one, it just get added as an independent image, cutting/hiding the copied one.

So, is there a way to copy an image with filters and change the file?

  1. select clip
  2. click Copy in the Filters panel
  3. open new image
  4. overwrite old image and make sure it is selected
  5. click Past in the filters panel

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