Changing frame size

I have a video that was originally widescreen but somehow when I transferred it from video to DVD it went into 4:3. I want to convert it back to widescreen size can I do that?

I have tried with Video mode but I get black bars.

Thanks in advance

Kriss :slight_smile:

  1. Create the same resolution in video mode that the original video was.
  2. Get the clip on the timeline.
  3. Click on the clip and go to filters tab.
  4. In the filters tab, search for size, position and rotate and apply it.
  5. Now just increase the video horizontally, by hand with the highest numbers of guides or by manually typing the parameters in the Size, position and rotate filter.


What is the original source of the video? If you have the original source of the video with the video available, then try to directly important it in you computer/laptop. If it’s a camera than you could use the data transferring usb wire that came with it. Or you could tell if something else is the original source and you don’t know how to directly transfer it to the laptop/computer.
btw, Congrats🎉 for your first post in this community.


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Finally worked… a couple of failed goes… but at least I know how now… :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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