Changing counter from frames to seconds

Is it possible to have the counter show seconds in decimal instead of frames? I am interested in measuring the time between events in the source video.

As an alternative I can always do the conversion manually. :slight_smile:

If using any Shotcut version newer than 18.08.14, use the Timer filter - it has the ability to select between a variety of time formats, rather than using the timecode function of the Text filter:

  • HH:MM:SS
  • HH:MM:SS.S
  • MM:SS
  • MM:SS.SS
  • SS
  • SS.S
  • SS.SS

Additionally, once 19.02 is released, it will include an Offset for the Timer filter, to allow the timer to start counting from other than 00:00:00 if that is required.

Thank you GordC.

I selected the filter and selected the format and saved it but I can not see where it had any effect. Everything looks the same as it was before.

Thanks for your patience!

You’re working in an older version on Shotcut.
Update to the latest version here:

Counter working fine displaying in seconds.

Hello Hudson,

I am using version 19.01.27 (downloaded today) and have the timer filter formatted and selected.

Still the counter has a colon (not a decimal point) and goes from :59 to :00.

Is this what you see? The Green colored counter?

Here’s what I’ve got when using the timer set to SS.SS - do you have the same?
The recording sucks, but it demonstrates for you what you should see.

I don’t have anything added to the pane on the right. I feel like I am missing a key step or something.

Thanks for posting the video. I tried to apply the same parameters you had but I get nothing. Is there an APPLY button or something similar?

No apply button. Can you post either a still image of what you’re seeing, or a video of the same, so we can provide feedback on that?

Thanks for your patience.

The date stamp on the lower left is an artifact from the source.

Try changing the position to 0 by 0.

Done. with no effect.

Ok, try changing the position to 254 by 128 - the same as your size. Leave the horizontal and vertical fits the same.

still nothing.

You have your Position setting way off. Not sure what resolution you’re working with, but at least with a 1920x1080 res, with your current settings, you’ll never see that timer.

my resolution is 1280 x 720.

even setting the size to 1280 x 720 I don’t see the timer.

Video mode set at: 2019-02-26_12-59-51

With your Size settings…

With your Position settings… (720p 60fps video mode)

Operating normally, although not visible, the timer is there.

Zoom out to 10% to see it:shotcut_2019-02-26_13-01-49

The only thing I can think of is that the font “Verdana” is not installed on your computer.
Try not using the preset you had named.

I changed the video mode from automatic to what you show. and I changed the font to many common fonts. still nothing.

I just restarted shotcut and everything seems to be working as it should. Thanks!