Changing Clip Duration

I have a text clip that I only want to last for just 5 seconds, but adjusting the duration is crazy hard because the duration timeline is extremely zoomed out. By duration timeline, I mean this:

See that timeline looking thing at the bottom? Currently, the duration is 5 seconds, and it looks tiny because the timeline is extremely zoomed out. What I want to do is zoom in a little more, so I can actually see the seconds in the timeline, not just the hour.

It’s annoying because when the duration is too long, when I drag the clip in, I have to trim it a lot.

Copy the text clip to the source viewer. Trim it to 5 seconds then put it back on the timeline.


The problem is changing the duration on the source viewer is hard because the duration bar is too zoomed out.
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 10.39.38 AM
You can barely see 5 seconds.

Do you mean drag it on to the video timeline, cut it, then drag it back to the playlist? It doesn’t work.

Select the clip on the timeline. Press C to copy. Select the Source tab. The clip will be in the viewer. Trim the clip to 5 seconds then put the clip back on the timeline.


How do I trim it from the source tab? Do you have a video?

Also, I’m trying to trim a clip in the playlist. @sauron

Looks for this under the source player image Drag to your desired zoom field. Then you can drag the text clip on your timeline to edit more precisely.

But then I can’t drag it back to the playlist. @Itz_DarkTrax

Oh, hmm.

This video is kind of old , but still useful.


When you trim from the Source Viewer use this box to adjust your time.
In point is on the left, and Out point is on the right
Time code in the box works as HH:MM:SS:FF (FF = Frames)
Either adjust manually in the box, or you can move the sliders.
Working with an image in the source viewer, the default length will always be 4 hours.
Adjust from 4:00 to 5:00. Now drag or add to the playlist or timeline.
For images you can also adjust from the Properties, while the image is in the source tab.

Thank you so much everyone! @sauron @Hudson555x I got it!

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Hi! Concerning zoom. Is there a way to have a preset for zoom? It takes time to randomly guess in the zoom window. Going step by step takes way too much time. (video is church meeting 1.5 hour) A box where you can type in the zoom scale 1 to 100 would be very useful…

You can press +/= to zoom in.

You do not need to go step-by-step; you can drag the zoom slider to roughly a certain % - an exact zoom level is rarely needed.

Yes, but if I know the exact percentage then the transfers I make in pictures also have the same size. It will look better…
I noticed that I probably insert too big video files. I will convert them smaller. Changing zoom takes half a minute. Gendering takes more than 5 hours… . Final movie in mp4 is nearly 2 giga.

It is a known issue that timeline zoom changes on long videos is slow. This is improved significantly for the next version 20.09 especially as you increase the zoom (it depends on how much of the timeline is inside or outside of the scrolling window). In the meantime (until upgrade), you can improve the speed by turning off audio waveforms when you do not need them.

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