Changing background that is not chroma key


I want to change my background that is not chroma key to white. is there any way ?
Do I have to use a chromakey?

What do you use for a background? (Screenshot?)

at presenet my background is my room and the Curtain just this image:

I want to have this beautiful white background like this

if possible.


It’s gonna be quite a mission to do that without rotoscoping, which SC does not support.
As another option to distract from the background curtain, why not zoom in, offset to the left and add some graphics related to what you are talking about in your clip?
You could also add a logo or your name.
Something like this…

yes it is a good option.thank you.

any way I would like to have the white background and I think have to use chroma key.may I ask you give me the like to tell me step by step how I can change green screen to that type of white background by shotcut ?

You maybe can use a userdefined mask filter…

If you have to reshoot and just want a white background, why not just shoot in front of a white background?
Seems too much work to shoot in front of a green screen just to change it to white.
Considering all the technicalities required (like proper lighting for one) for proper green screen, hardly seems worth it.
Unless of course you want the option of changing the background to something else later.

An option as long as he is not moving around too much in the video, else motion tracking will be required and that ain’t available in SC as the OP requested.

AFAIK has that mask filter also keyframes…

What about bezier control to compensate for movements?
Keyframes alone ain’t gonna cut it I reckon.

Even if possible, the result is going to probably be sub optimal and not worth the effort.
There are times when one has to throw in the towel ( or curtain :smile: ) and do a reshoot.


This was shot with a green screen in the background.
I would make a reshoot with a RGB-Green-curtain without wrinkles.

Thank you all.

It seems I need to investigate in net and see many Educational videos to learn all types of creating white background.I gathered at least 10 videos just about this issue.may be the best way is shooting video in front of white background.

Indeed, simpler is always better, less things to go wrong.

One warning about white backgrounds, be careful of reflections due to excessive lighting.

This causes the camera’s iris to close more and thus you will come out looking like a silhouette.

Don’t use auto anything on the camera and use only matt materials/backgrounds.

Thanks Paul2

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