Changeover between 2 clips

I want to make a changeover with a figur as a star of balloon of 3a4 seconds between 2 clips. Can i do this?

Many things are possible with Shotcut, although I don’t understand what you’re asking for. Are you asking about a Transition? Not sure what “star of balloon” is, nor “3a4”. So instead of guessing, perhaps you can explain with better clarity. Is there a video that would show what you’re trying to accomplish? Just post a link here, with the time in the video we should look at.

Perhaps you might find your answer by watching the tutorials here:

Sorry for my poor english. I made a drawing. See attachment.

I hope you untherstand.

Gr. Rein

@Rein, the “Changeover” you describe about is called a Transition. Possibly you’re after a custom transition, which there is a recent thread about just that.

Your drawing helped explain a great deal.

It works!!

Thank you verry much.


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