Changed the export preferences, exported, and now the project is messed up

ever since i changed the ever since i changed the preset exporting preferences and exported the video it messed up the project I was working on. clips aren’t showing, others appear instead, either that or there’s a black screen with another clips audio out of track. so discouraging I don’t know what to do :confused:
already tried to export with the old settings and restarted the program and the computer… didn’t fix it.
help anyone?

The Export options are not saved into the .mlt project file or any settings (such as registry or ini, etc). So, it is not clear what happened. Also, you should specify your version and OS. Using v17.01 on Windows is a sure problem.

I work on Windows 10. downloaded Shotcut about a week ago so I guess it’s the newest version… 17.02
all of the other saved files of this project went wacky too
is there anything I can do to save this project or has it all gone down the drain ?