Change video resolution

Hello , I just want to know if I can change the video clip resolution like I have MPEG or MP4 also others with low resolution its possible to do this and changed to better resolution to HD 720 or 1080 ? thanks

You can definitely change the resolution, but it will not preserve the original detail, i.e, it will not upscale the video so the final export could look bad or blurry.

Hi @Ar_D

You can create a Project with an higher resolution in Shotcut and import your smaller video in that project. Shotcut will automatically fit your video to the size of the Project.

It’s preferable to create a project with the same aspect ratio as your video clip though, to prevent getting black bars on each sides or on the top and bottom.

For example, if your video dimensions are 800x600, the aspect ratio is 4:3.
So to increase the size to XXXX"x1080, you’ll need a project of 1440x1080, which is also a 4:3 aspect ratio.

You can go to Settings > Video Mode and choose one of the existing Video Modes presets
Go to Settings > Video Mode > Custom > Add… to create your own Video Mode(s).

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I already know all this stuff, in fact I originally said that it is possible, and i know it will fit the size, but it will not upscale the quality (what I exactly mean by preserving original details).

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