Change video mode afterwards?

Hello, I have edited a video with Shotcut and created it for viewing on the PC (video mode Automatic).

I would now also like to export the video in a cell phone version, for which the Vertical HD video mode would be well suited, but I have not yet found an option for changing the video mode.

Is this even possible?
And if so, where can I find the right option?

Thank you and best regards

They problem is that a video in 16:9 format, don’t fit 9:16 format. So you have to cut/zoom to mage one aspect ration to fit another one. You can change the video mode in the menu, but will not get you the look you want.


What some people do is first edit/export the PC version (horizontal orientation). Then, create a new project in vertical orientation and open the PC version. In this new vertical project, you can decide what aspect ratio conversation you want to use.

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