Change the Alt-PageDown/Alt-PageUp shortcut to be usable with right hand on mouse

I’m happy to do this myself and submit a patch request but wondering what others think the best option is.

Use case is setting up a filter with interpolated keyframes and making sure each frame has the correct value. Eg censoring a moving face. PageDown is too far, right arrow is too short (especially at high frame rates), setting the perfect step and then Alt-PageDown requires hand moved off mouse for each step.

May I suggest mouse wheel, or control arrow?

Save me having to buy a macro keyboard or use the computer left handed.

Hi @Ash1

Ctrl+J allows you to set the duration of Alt+PageUpand Alt+PageDown, to any value you want.

You can then use the Actions and Shortcuts (Help > Actions and Shortcuts) tool to change the shortcuts of Jump Forward & Jump Backward for single keys instead of Alt+PageUpand Alt+PageDown.

On my Qwerty keyboard I use Q and E. And I set the W to add a keyframe.

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I realized that after reading you post again.

So I edited mine to add a possible workaround for you. You still use two hands, but the shortcuts are easier to perform.

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I missed that you could set custom shortcuts. I had gone into the panel but it seemed read only. Takes like 30 clicks to bring up the “press new shortcut” thing but I finally got it.

I still think the default shortcut should be something usable one hand, but this is no longer a pain point for me.

Thank you for pointing that out.

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Hi @ash1 - If you want the mousewheel to jump a set amount of frames, you can set this up easily if you are on Windows, using Auto HotKey.

I just created this AHK script that advances or reverses the playhead by the number of frames assigned using Ctrl + J, as expertly explained above by @musicalbox.

 SetKeyDelay, 200			  
 SetNumLockState , on
 ; ^ =ctrl  +=shift  !=alt

 send, !{PgUp}

 send, !{PgDn}

Download/Run AHK, copy above script to Notepad, change the extension to .ahk, double-click it and you are ready to go.

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[EDIT] It’s actually quite cool so I will adopt it for use myself. I discovered it also works if the mouse is hovering over the preview pane, not just in the timeline.

Quick Demo below. One problem, though , is that is overrides the usual mouse wheel feature on the timeline - ie scrolls the timeline horizontally.