Change tempo of audio

Please, I need a useful feature, or better to call it “effect”, for audio streams.
In Audacity I’m using it’s called “Change tempo”. And it’s a great tool that I missing in Shotcut to work not just with audio but with ability to see a video when I’m trying to split and position samples of voice in other translation over the original.

Shotcut is designed to be a video editor, so using Audacity to edit audio, then exporting it and opening it in shotcut is probably the best idea

I’m using Audacity now for making a VO and with using effect of change tempo when needed. But in Audacity I can’t see a video to understand how good VO is placed according to mouth of actors moves…
In Shotcut I can see a video and place VO samples according to not only original sound but also in sync of video… but I can’t change tempo of these samples when it’s needed.
I’m requesting a little bit option of functionality, not huge one, just a little thing that will make Shotcut greater then others and same valuable as the best ones.

Suggestions are good, requests seem a little bit demanding.
Have you checked the development Road map?

Just now I’d looked on it. Great list, nice targets, most of them are very required. But there no item like “add Change Tempo audio filter”.
Who can evaluate and add such a suggestion to that list???


Have you tried using this?
You can type in whatever you wish to have the speed (or tempo as you call it) be.
You can split the audio into clips and vary the speed for each clip or apply to the whole track.

That changes the pitch as well as the speed. Audacity can change the tempo without changing the pitch.

Audacity has both options, Change Speed / Change Tempo. Neither is the same as the other because one will change the pitch and the other will not…


Yes, it’s not the feature I’m looking for. @Steve_Ledger wrote correct. I need to be able to change Speed without changing Pitch. Fine name of this filter is Change Tempo.